STRT-295 Launching the Venture
Fall for 2017-2018

The course is designed for students who are serious about trying an entrepreneurial path (whether or not they plan to start a new venture in the near future. The heart of the course involves students working in teams to develop a new venture idea from "inspiration" to formal business plan. Lectures and guest speakers will expand and enrich learning.


There are no exams. Grades depend on the team’s developing and presenting the business plan and each student’s individual commitment evaluated by his/her teammates.

Class Participation 20%
Business Plan and Presentation 80%

Paul Centenari

He taught this course five times, ten years ago. Many of his students remember him as “the best teacher they had at Georgetown”. He is the CEO of Atlas, a manufacturer of corrugated packaging products. The business started as an acquisition using equity from angels including fathers of old girlfriends. Growth has been fueled by a dozen LBO’s. The operating philosophy of the company is a unique combination of an open-book culture with democracy in the workplace. See the attached Inc article for more details.
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: MSB Students and Business Minors, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior Standing
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