STRT-567 Investing for Impact
Fall for 2017-2018
The future of successful business leaders will be defined by the ability to create, build and sustain organizations with and for mission and finance related returns. In light of changing organizational structures (from C corp. to B corp.), the infusion of private capital for social good, and the increased integration of responsibility and ethics into the corporate workplace, emerging leaders should be prepared to understand the core concepts of investing for impact to retain a competitive advantage as a leader and organization.

The course will engage students in understanding the core principles for investing for impact. For students interested in pursuing careers in social finance, philanthropy/nonprofit, investment management, or responsible banking, this course is a must have. With such little formal text and theory on the topic of social responsible investing and related sectors, this class will provide a unique overview of the market and provide a reflective and practical application of core principles of the sector.

The course will provide insight as an “impact investor” and explore the due diligence and deal structuring required for investing in social enterprises. The course will introduce students to an investment continuum and provide related skills and theory on how to apply diverse capital layers to emerging and growth enterprises.

The course format will include class discussion, case studies and guest speakers. Each class will include discussing the current market environment and real-life decisions that finance professionals must make in this environment.
Credits: 1.5
Prerequisites: MBA Students Only
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