STRT-610 Corporate Social Responsibility
Fall for 2017-2018
This course provides an overview and examination of the rationale, role and practices of corporations in building on business objectives and strategically applying core competencies to do well (improve financial performance and build wealth for shareholders) and at the same time to do good (improve society and create social value for multiple stakeholders).

The purpose of this course is to increase students’ understanding of the principles, concepts and strategies of sustainable value and to learn how to create successful CSR programs. The course will enhance students’ abilities to succeed as business professionals and make major contributions in addressing and solving social and environmental problems. For students headed for government and nonprofit careers, this course will provide a perspective on how to influence, partner with and benefit from companies’ plans and activities. Partnerships within and across these sectors are becoming increasingly important.

While the primary focus of this course is corporate practices, all sectors – business, government and civil society - must collaborate at a greater level for both economic and social progress to occur, and for large-scale, long-term social change.
Credits: 1.5
Prerequisites: MBA Students Only
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