TBIO-523-01 Cancer Epigenetics
Spring for 2017-2018
The Cancer Epigenetics course covers epigenetic mechanisms in human diseases, focusing on cancers. This is a combined lecture/literature review/discussion course designed for graduate students in Molecular/Cell Biology, Biochemistry, Physiology, Tumor Biology, Pharmacology, and Neuroscience. The course has five primary objectives: (1) understanding the epigenetic regulation in normal & cancer cells; (2) deciphering epigenetic pathways and molecular targets in malignant transformation; (3) learning the impact of epigenetic alterations associated with cancers; 4) reviewing recent advances in epigenetic issues/phenomena by highlighting the growing importance of epigenetic therapeutics in cancers; (5) learning the scientific approaches/methods employed to define epigenetic-mediated cancer drivers and their therapeutic potential. Moreover, a broad range of topics will be covered through discussing landmark papers and emerging concepts in the field of epigenetic research. In the class, students will discuss background materials, including papers related to individual topics.
Credits: 2
Prerequisites: None
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