UNXD-130 CBL: Social Action
Fall for 2017-2018
Spring for 2017-2018
UNXD 130 CBL: Social Action is a 1-credit, community-based, experiential course offered through Georgetown University's Center for Social Justice Research, Teaching, and Service (CSJ): csj.georgetown.edu.

UNXD 130 students integrate their academic studies with direct or indirect community engagement work of their choice in Washington, DC. Community work must enhance and deepen the classroom learning of a 3-credit course in which the student is currently enrolled.

While most of the learning takes place in the community, UNXD 130 participants meet four times for reflective dialogue sessions, read pertinent scholarly work on critical social activism, compose three reflective activities and contribute to discussion board reflections over the course of the semester.

Participation in UNXD 130 requires the completion of an interest form in which students explain the connection between coursework and community-based work. For more information and to complete this interest form, visit http://csj.georgetown.edu/unxd130.

This course was previously known as the 4th Credit Option for Social Action, when it was "added" to a 3 credit course. It now stands alone, an is taken as a "pass/fail" type of course.
Credits: 1
Prerequisites: Professor approval
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