WGST-201-01 Feminist Theory-2
Spring for 2010-2011
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How do our bodies mediate our experiences of the world? How is the body inextricable from our sense of self? How are our bodies disciplined and regulated? How might we also craft our own bodies and engage in body politics? This course will introduce students to the ways in which these questions have been examined within feminist theory and related fields of critical thought. We will analyze the body and its political investments in relation to gender, sexuality, race, and class. Our purpose here is to deploy feminist theory in order to consider the following topical concerns: what is a body; body/knowledge and technologies; bodies and identities; ‘normal’ bodies; bodies in health and disease; bodies in consumer culture; bodies and biomedicine; and body ethics. Central to our analysis will be the questions of what is “natural” and “unnatural” about the assumed biological categories of male and female and what does it mean to be “human”. Spring
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: WGST 140-01 Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies or permission of instructor
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