WGST-235-01 Women's Health in the 21st Century: Disrupting Assumptions
Fall for 2010-2011
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This course is an interactive learning experience examining cultural discourse and disrupting our assumptions surrounding women’s health practices and healthcare. Utilizing a critical feminist stance, we will purposively explore, disrupt our received cultural understandings, and reconstruct our assumptions, regarding women’s health, practices impacting women’s health, and healthcare specific to women. We will rely on lively large and small group discussions and multiple learning resources to consider the following: webs of power and societal inequities, the concept of governance in role performance and health, social and cultural discourses, and selected topics regarding topics and issues in women’s health and healthcare. Topics include sexuality, fertility, childbirth, women’s health in global perspective, and body image, among others. We will analyze our topics through the lenses of class, race, age, and culture.
1.Describe societal and cultural dynamics of governance of role performance that impact women’s health and health care practices from a critical feminist perspective.

2.Discuss historical and contemporary understandings of women’s bodies and life processes.

3.Analyze interactions between culturally defined women’s roles and issues of violence, mental health and other selected health conditions.

4.Identify and critique received cultural and societal values and beliefs regarding women and health.

5.Surface and critique health care systems, issues, and underlying discourse regarding women and health.

6.Develop and demonstrate reflective skills that promote broader feminist perspectives of women and health.

Credits: 3
Prerequisites: Permission of Instructor

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